Pueraria Mirifica- True Wonder of the Nature

Pueraria Mirifica grows in Thailand and Myanmar. It is one of the traditional medicines that old folks have been using. They believe that it can help make people live longer and make the skin as firm as that of a child. Over the years, there have been a lot of successful researches and studies done to the plant to prove its medicinal properties that can be beneficial to human. Based on studies the plant contains high levels of natural plant estrogens called phytoestrogens. These estrogens are similar in structure with the estrogens that are produced by the human body.

Other theories say that it can be harmful and may cause negative side effects because phytoestrogens may displace the woman’s naturally produced hormones. But this has been debunked by other studies proving that phytoestrogens are not considered foreign objects by the body and are recognized as identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body. Moreover, it has been found that they actually displace mimic estrogens and prevent the breast cancer cells to proliferate. It can also help prevent prostate cancer, colon cancer and cardiovascular cancer. Human tests for Pueraria Mirificas as a food supplement product or as functional food, the products have exhibited estrogenic effects. The effects of estrogenic activities include reforming of the skin making it firmer and younger, healthier hair and breast enlargement.

Because of the scientific studies that support the beneficial effects of Pueraria Mirifica, many groups and companies have been making independent researches on how to make these beneficial effects available to the public. Most of these companies have focused on cosmetic benefits of the plant, producing commercial products such as breast cream and gums for natural breast enlargement.

The first test of PM on human was done in Japan in 1999, involving 50 participants between 20 to 49 years old. The test produced 70% successful rate of breast enlargement or firming in every group. After this success, the use of products derived from PM came to public. A lot anecdotal incidents have been compiled supporting the efficacy of PM on breast enlargement. However, taking supplements derived from the plant should not be directly assumed as the direct application of the researches and studies done with the plant. Manufacturing and consuming herbal products is a different field. There are still a lot of researches and studies to come up to patented standard products.

In spite of this, because of many testimonials from women who have successfully enlarged their breasts up to 80%, many other have been encouraged to use the products. And there have been only a few isolated cases of users having adverse reactions with the products.

Pueraria has long been used in Thailand as a traditional beauty aid to improve skin texture and to encourage hair growth; it has only been recently, after extensive research and study, has the FDA approved the use of this herb to aid in many medical conditions which include preventing the growth of cancer cells, deterring cardiovascular-related infections, and improving eyesight.

In the course of thorough laboratory tests, another benefit was discovered – Pueraria can increase breast size. Phytoestrogens in the plant act to activate the body’s own estrogens. This results in an increase of the breasts’ fatty tissues, and the strengthening of the ligaments which act as a support to a woman’s mammary glands. Phytoestrogen also lengthens the milk ducts toward the nipple area, and all these three actions work together to enlarge the breasts, as well cause them to become firmer.

Estrogen, which is responsible for the health of a woman’s reproductive organs, is also responsible for breast growth. Introducing the natural phytoestrogens found in Pueraria has the effect of stimulating the existing estrogen levels in a woman’s body. This bulks up the fatty tissues in the female breasts, enlarges and strengthens the ligaments that supports these breasts, and lengthens the milk ducts toward the nipple area.

The result of all these actions is manifested in larger a larger breast size, and this occurs in a gradual manner over the span of between 30 to 45 days. This is entirely unlike the unnatural effects of invasive surgery for breast implants which places a woman at risk for several side effects, such as scarring, unnatural implant lumps, bruising, muscle pain, and a lengthy recovery time. With Pueraria use, a woman may continue with regular activities, suffering only the mild side effect of some hormonal imbalances.

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