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Creatine Benefits for Non Athletes

Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found in meat and fish, and also made by the human body in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It is converted into creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine and stored in the muscles, where it is used ...Read More

Drawbacks to Alternative Medicine

As the owner of Vitabase, a health supplement company, I have personally talked to hundreds of customers over the years. Many of them had serious health problems and were considering alternative medicine. This decision is a difficult one because in many cases, patients cannot ...Read More

Have No Energy? Beat Tiredness Naturally

When you have no energy, you are likely experiencing fatigue. Fatigue is constant tiredness can be caused by different factors. It can be a symptom of a medical condition. It can be a result of sleep deprivation. It can be a result of toxin ...Read More
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