Amazing Moringa

One of natures most beneficial miracle plants is the Moringa tree. The most widely known strain of the Moringa plant species is the Sonjna Moringa Oleifera and West Bengal, India is its largest producer. The reasons that makes the moringa trees so wonderful is that it provides so many health promoting uses. The leaves of this tree contains all of the essential amino acids our bodies need along with four times the fiber of oats, two times the vitamin A of carrots, twice the protein of yogurt, twice the potassium in bananas, fourteen times the calcium of milk, and nine times the iron of spinach in a gram for gram comparison of dried moringa tree leaves. This plant packs a powerful punch!

Moringa trees naturally grow in sub tropical and tropical regions of the world such as Africa, Asia and India. Many people of the countries where this miracle plant is found growing wild, are malnourished and have learned about the moringa tree and all of its health benefits. They are able to have this wonderful life stabilizing plant right in their own back yards! All parts of the moringa tree are useful and are not wasted in cultivation. The leaves contain 90 nutrients and all of the essential amino acids, as mentioned before, and are used to combat malnutrition and is cooked like spinach or ground into powder.

The long, narrow seed pods are used while still young and tender in culinary dishes, and mature moringa tree seed pods are harvested and are ground into an odorless, rancidity resistant oil that has many uses. In West Bengal India, the sonina moronga oleifera flowers are eaten as a delicacy and are said to taste like mushrooms. The roots of the tree have a horseradish flavor to them and are used to add spice and seasoning to foods. The bark, sap, and every part of the plant is used in naturalistic medicine.

The sap from the tree can also be used to create a blue colored dye. And even after pressing the oil out of the seeds, the leftover seed pressing pulp is used as animal feed and fertilizer! Moringa may just be the most useful and amazing plants known the mankind! People have caught on to the awesome benefits that the moringa plant has to offer and have been mass producing and selling moringa products to supplement health all around the world. Moringa also has the ability to purify water! If crushed moringa seeds or oil is added to dirty water, the natural agents that are in the moringa then focculate (clump together) the impurities in the water so that they may be easily removed and the water can the be used as drinking water. This truly is a miracle tree! There is also a potential that moringa oil can be used as a plant-based bio fuel in the future. Fascinating!

To buy moringa leaf powder you may shop online or go to your local health food store and be able to find it in capsule form or loose bulk form. There are also many other of the plants products to purchase too. You may be able to buy whole moringa seeds to grow your own tree at home if your climate allows. Start using moringa now and start enjoying all the wonderful health benefits today!

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