8 Natural Pain Killers

It may come as quite a surprise to some that there are many effective natural painkillers available for a countless number of illnesses that can at least do just as well as pharmaceuticals. Then unlike those potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals with their side effects natural painkillers have been known to be a lot safer.

-In short, whatever pharmaceuticals can do as painkillers so can plants; herbs and oils, a lot safer.

The problems of dealing with pain, particularly the chronic sort have been a constant problem for doctors on knowing how to help the patient by prescribing the right medicine… The medical community has been criticized for not solving the problem very well.

It doesn’t help when patients suffering from ailment pains of sorts eat junk foods long term with their nasty cheap trans-fats, high refined sugar content devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. This makes it difficult for any painkiller to do its job effectively.

For natural painkillers to do the job of pain relief first it is necessary to rid one’s self of junk food. Once this is done it’s time to move on to try the appropriate painkiller from a vast selection of analgesic herbs and oils available.

Here are just some of the highly effective painkillers available and how they can be used for specific ailments.

1. Ginger

This natural painkiller has been used for over a thousand years. It can be used to treat anything from arthritis pains such as osteoarthritis to general aches… Some people are more sensitive to ginger than others so if using be careful by building up the dosage on a slow and steady gradient.

2. Capsaicin

Another centuries old natural medicine, capsaicin is what gives peppers their hotness. It’s another one for treating arthritic pains and has been shown to be highly efficacious.

3. Devil’s claw

In spite of its ominous sounding name this herb provides highly effective relief for a number of conditions including heartburn and liver problems. Having ant-inflammatory properties it can also be used to treat arthritis as well as back pains and headaches.

4. Wintergreen oil (essential oil)

Wintergreen contains some 85 plus percent methyl salicylate. This pain killing compound is found in aspirin. Known for its mentholated aroma it is used for treating sportspeople. Wintergreen can be used for muscular and joint pains, rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, tendonitis and drives away stress or tension.

5. Cherries

Containing anthocyanins belonging to the phytonutrients group of compounds cherries inhibit pain causing enzymes. This has the same effect as aspirin. Cherries are said to be one of the best anti-inflammatory foods there is.

6. Cloves and 7. Peppermint

Cloves and peppermint provide relief for toothache.

8. Glucosamine sulphate

Available as supplements convincing evidence has shown that glucosamine sulphate provides pain relief for joint pains such as knee pains, osteoarthritis… It works well in conjunction with chondroitin giving extra benefit.

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